MI-SAFE dissemination and demonstration events

The FAST partners have setup a series of opportunities to interact with you (Table 1). Especially a webinar on 22-September and the EU NBS conference in Tallinn could be of interest. This page provides more detailed information on these events. We invite you to visit the MI-SAFE viewer and join our community via the community form available in the MI-SAFE viewer (community link on the left bottom corner). You can also find other ways to contact to the FAST consortium in this webpage.

Table 1. Time line for FAST dissemination and MI-SAFE demonstration/distribution events in 2017.

Details of FAST and MI-SAFE distribution/dissemination events

Event Date/place Aim/Audience target
IAHR 2017 13-18 Aug 2017 / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Large conference of the International Association for Hydraulic Research to present and discuss latest advance in hydraulic research. FAST and MI-SAFE services will be presented in an oral presentation in the session “The path to resiliency in low gradient coastal regions for present and future conditions”
British Society for Geomorphology 4 - 6 Sep 2017 / Univ. Hull, UK FAST will present results in sediment stability
IX Jornadas Geomorfología Litoral 13-15 Sep 2017 /Menorca, Spain Littoral geomorphology forum to discuss research, technical advances and experiences in littoral management. Mainly Spanish researchers audience
National demonstration event UK 22 Sep 2017 / Cambridge, UK Distribution event with UK end-users
EO Open science 2017 25-28 Sep 2017 / Frascati, Italy To explore new challenges and opportunities for EO research created by the rapid advances in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). The conference will present activities in EO Open Science and Innovation and develop a Roadmap for future ESA exploitation activities under the EO Science for society programme.
National demonstration event Spain Sep - Oct 2017 / Spain Distribution event with end-users from National Public Administrations with interest in MI-SAFE services
Flood Expo 27-28 Sep 2017 / London, UK
Nature-based Solutions: From Innovation to Common-use 24-26 Oct 2017 /Tallinn, Estonia Addressing to nature-based societal functions between science, business, society and politicians.
2nd MI-SAFE webinar 31 Oct 2017 / online International MI-SAFE distribution event (free event with online format, similar to the 1st MI-SAFE webinar)
Nationaal Deltacongres 2017 2 Nov 2017 / Leeuwarden (NL)
2017 Conference on Big Data from Space 28-30 November / Toulouse, France International conference to explore synergetic use of Big data. Aim to researchers, engineers, users, infrastructure and service providers.
National demonstration event The Netherlands 1- 3 Nov 2017 / Delft (NL) International FAST symposium at the international Delft Software Days