The MI-SAFE Advanced level services

The MI-SAFE package is supported by a team of experts with an international reputation that offers data and OS modelling Advanced level services. This gives us the capacity to provide tailor-made solutions on request for end-users with specific nature-based coastal defence questions. Advanced level services include:

  • Generation of new/improved EXPERT level information for a particular application/site. This could include in situ and/or remote (Earth Observation) data collection, processing and reporting.
    • Elevation data acquired by dGPS, UAVs, air/ground Lidar, or EO.
    • Vegetation data: field surveys, UAVs, EO and trend analysis.
    • Wave attenuation data: field measurements, long-term deployments.
    • Sediment dynamics data: field measurements and long term EO.
  • Development of new model functionalities, calibration and validation.
    • Implementation of 2D or 3D model schematizations using full XBEACH functionality
    • Generation of new algorithms and data fusion, calibration and validation of model outputs for a specific or for different regions.
    • Linking of EO data and wave modelling to other modelling toolboxes.

Depending on the specific end-user requirements, the Advanced level of services can be provided as consultancy, training and/or support. These services offer opportunities tailored to individual users including data collection, setting up EO workflows, tuning models, exploiting OGC data streams or large-scale deployments.

As an example of an advanced advisory service, FAST has combined products and services with those generated by the EU project RISC-KIT to estimate the risk of overtopping (XBeach, FAST) and the corresponding flooding (LISFLOOD, RISC-KIT) for our Tillingham study site (UK).

Example of MI-SAFE Advanced services. A) Combination of FAST (XBeach-VEG) and RISCKIT (LISFLOOD) elements used to generate an advanced service modeling overtopping and inundation due to the impact of a large storm on a vegetated foreshore. B) XBeach 3D non-hydrostatic model of impact of a large storm at Tillingham saltmarsh (UK). C) LISFLOOD simulation of inundation impact of a large storm at Tillingham saltmarsh (UK).