The MI-SAFE Expert level services

For FAST study sites, the FAST team of experts calibrated and validated open data layers and XBeach with detailed local information on vegetation, bathymetry and waves (case study data). For FAST study sites, the MI-SAFE Expert mode uses the same storm conditions as the Educational version, but provides more details on underlying parameters, generating higher quality and resolution outputs (see figure below). Additionally, on request, MI-SAFE Expert can provide 1D Transect type XBEACH vegetation model application for wave reduction analysis and access to model results.

The FAST consortium has implemented procedures based on INSPIRE metadata conventions to ensure our products are fully documented. An active open source community will be ready for any questions related to the MI-SAFE viewer. This is led by the FAST team of experts who are familiar with the viewer and able to support its use and linked to the facilities and training provided by Deltares during the International Delft Software Days.

Screen shot of the MI-SAFE viewer showing an example of Expert level services for one FAST study site: Tillingham saltmarsh (UK).