Advisory committee
Independent advice, guidance and feedback to the project team, as well as connection with other on-going initiatives, will be provided by the advisory committee made up of professionals from academia and industry.
1. Ty Wamsley (US Army Corps of Engineers).
Dr. Wamsley is a hydraulic research engineer who completed his PhD on modelling of storm surge propagation across the Mississippi wetlands and has published several papers on the effect of marsh surfaces on surge propagation; he has a strong interest in, and engineering expertise on, the use of coastal ecosystems as part of integrated coastal protection measures in the US.
2. Paolo Ciavola (University of Ferrara)
Dr. Ciavola has 20 years experience in research and consultancy in projects involving coastal processes, coastal geomorphology and coastal management. His research objectives are concentrated on modern and recent aspects of geology with a particular focus on coastal processes, coastal geomorphology and coastal management that occurred in different types of environment: coastal inlets, beaches with defended and undefended continuous coastlines. His research has often been conducted within the context of European research programmes like SWAMIEE, F-ECTS, INDIA and MICORE.
3. Inigo Losada (IH Cantabria)
Prof. Losada, is a hydraulic research engineer at the Universidad de Cantabria and the Research Director of the Environmental Hydraulic Institute (IH). Prof. Losada has been recently designated by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) as member of the International Council for Research in Coastal Engineering.
4. Andrew Tyler (University of Stirling)
Andrew Tyler is Professor of Environmental Science and Head of Biological & Environmental Sciences at the University of Stirling (UK). Operating with earth observation (EO) technology through to the development of in-situ techniques, my research focusses on the impact and fate of pollutants in a changing environment. Specialisations include environmental radioactivity and water quality. Coordinator of Globolakes NERC-funded project (– remote sensing involved in covering the environmental monitoring of lakes all over the world).
Specialist Water Services and Geo Risk Management at Fugro. His background includes alignment Fugro's international data acquisition and modelling capabilities and experiences, and creating users value for our clients on dike / levee safety and flood risk management. Expertise on dike safety assessments, flood risk and Geo Risk management and probabilistic analysis.